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Introduction to Release Management

This guide serves as a comprehensive introduction to release management that will cover bundles and releases.


Release Management Resources

Release management comprises the following resources:

Getting Started

The goal of this guide is to create a release for a signed binary.

Creating a signed binary is outside the scope of this guide, see Introduction to Binary Management.

Creating a Bundle

Create a bundle so that we have something to distribute.

peridio bundles create \
--organization-prn $PERIDIO_ORGANIZATION_PRN \
--artifact-version-prns $PERIDIO_ARTIFACT_VERSION_PRNS

Creating a Release

Create a release to distribute the bundle to devices.

peridio releases create \
--organization-prn $PERIDIO_ORGANIZATION_PRN \
--bundle-prn $PERIDIO_BUNDLE_PRN

By not controlling the exact placement of the release with the --next-release-prn and --prev-release-prn options, the release is automatically created as the head of the release graph.

Similarly, because we did not specify a --phase-value nor a --schedule-date, the release is immediately available.