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Multipart Uploads With Binary Parts

This guide describes how to upload a binary by manually orchestrating the binary parts yourself.

higher level abstractions

It is strongly recommend to avoid this complexity whenever possible by using the CLI instead as documented in the creating a binary section of the introduction to binary management.


Picking a Target Part Size

Assuming you have already created a binary, the next step in using binary parts to perform a multipart upload is deciding on a target part size. The target part size is the size that you will try to make all binary parts.

This can be reasoned about with this equation:

total_parts = ceil(binary_size / target_size)

You can use up to 1000 parts and each part must have a size between 5 MB and 1 GB. We recommend balancing around a 10 MB part size.

So if your binary was 1 GB:

total_parts = ceil(1 GB / 10 MB) = 100 parts


It is likely that your binary's size is not an exact multiple of your target part size. In this case one of your binary parts, typically the last, will be smaller than the target part size.

total_parts = ceil(1.003 GB / 10 MB = 100.3 parts) = 101

The 101st part would be 0.003 GB or 3 MB in size.

Creating a Part

peridio binary-parts create \
--binary-prn $PERIDIO_BINARY_PRN \
--binary-content-path $PERIDIO_BINARY_CONTENT_PATH \
  • --binary-content-path points at the complete bianry, not any given chunk.
  • --hash value can be calculated as documented in the create a hash to later be signed section of the signing keys reference.
    • Exercise extreme caution regarding newlines and invisible characters, it is a common source of mistakes.
  • --size is the byte size of the part.

If successful, this command will return a presigned URL you can use to upload the binary part's content.

Uploading a Part

The following is an example curl command for uploading a binary part.

-X PUT \
-H "content-length: $(stat -f%z $PERIDIO_FILE)" \
-H "content-type: application/octet-stream" \
-H "x-amz-checksum-sha256: $(cat $PERIDIO_FILE | sha256sum | grep -o '^\S\+' | xxd -r -p | base64)" \
--upload-file $PERIDIO_FILE

Every specified header in that example is required.

Listing Parts

peridio binary-parts list \
--binary-prn $PERIDIO_BINARY_PRN